Bao tuoi tre

What means this. he demanded sternly of the leech. I sent you this morning to attend my nephew on the first tidings of his illness, and commanded that he should make no attempt to bao tuoi tre present on this days solemnity, yet I find him in this state, and in this place. So please your lordship, replied the leech, with a conscious self-importance, which even the presence of the Constable bao tuoi tre not subdue-Curatio est canonica, non coacta; which signifieth, my lord, that the physician acteth his cure by rules of art and science-by advice and prescription, but not by force bao tuoi tre violence upon the patient, who cannot be at all benefited unless he be voluntarily amenable to the orders of his medicum. Tell me not of your jargon, said De Lacy; if my nephew was lightheaded enough to attempt to come hither in the heat of a delirious distemper, you should have had sense to prevent him, had bao tuoi tre been by actual force. It may be, said, Randal de Lacy, joining the crowd, who, forgetting the cause which had brought them together, were now assembled about Damian, that more powerful was the magnet which drew our kinsman hither, than aught the leech could do to withhold him. The Constable, still busied about his nephew, looked up as Randal spoke, and, when he was done, asked, with formal coldness of manner, Ha, fair kinsman, of bao tuoi tre magnet do you speak. Surely of your nephews love and regard to your lordship, answered Randal, which, not to mention his respect for the lady Eveline, must have compelled him hither, if his limbs were able to bear him.
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